Marcus Meneese is Founder and Executive Director of Stronger Than My Father Inc.

Marcus acknowledges that his life experience, growing up in a two-parent home that was rooted in church, is very much a minority opportunity, considering many young kids are growing up without a father, and some not even knowing who their father is.

Marcus’ father challenged him and his brothers to be both ethical and hard working. Over the past 13 years, Marcus has worked actively as a youth mentor, where he enjoys teaching, coaching and developing young men to become responsible men and eventually good fathers.

Marcus Meneese was born in Nashville, Tennessee. He earned his B.S. degree in Psychology at Tennessee State University and currently hold a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Trevecca Nazarene University. Marcus and his lovely wife reside in Nashville, Tennessee and are proud parents of one son.

Speaking Engagements

As a passionate and exhilarating speaker, Marcus Meneese delivers an energized message to youth or adults to help them reach their God given purpose. He shares his own life experiences and knowledge to help others think about how to live out their dreams.

With persistence and determination in his academic life, Marcus wants to encourage people by letting them know, “you can make it, “as he spoke to a group of teens at the Omni hotel for a youth summit.

On Marcus’ radio show, Tough Talk Tuesday, on 760 AM, he talks about different issues regarding fatherless children, suicide, education, fatherhood, police brutality, and other relevant issues in our country. He wants to bring consciousness and support to the community.

Marcus has a heart to help people from youth to old. Utilizing powerful delivery and freshly emerging insights Marcus’ customized presentation will teach, inspire, and engage your audience to new levels of accomplishment.

If you are interested in having Marcus speak at your event, please email Marcus at