Man Up  Father-Son/ Mentor-Mentee Luncheon is an exciting and informative event to help men stop the cycle of fatherlessness. We’re looking for adult men to stand up and take their rightful place as leaders in the home, community, school and abroad. This event will give you resources and information needed to help break the SCHOOL TO PRISON PIPELINE. 

Calling All Men! Bring a Young Man with you to STMF

Man Up Father-Son/Mentor-Mentee Luncheon

2015 Man Up Flyer

August 15, 2015 at 10 am to 1pm


Trevecca University ” McClurkan Hall “


William D. Mason, Jr. of Metro Nashville Public Schools  (Fatherhood Tool Kit ).

Pastor James C. Turner, II New Hope Missionary Baptist Church. (Youth and Gangs)

Presenter Reverend Damien Durr of The Temple Church and The Children’s Defense Fund. (Cradle to the Prison Pipeline)

Man Up Topics

Cradle to the Prison Pipeline
*How can we as parents stop the cycle
*What you can do to protect your child
*What are some resorts that are available

Youth and Gangs
*What are the warning signs
*How can you avoid gangs as a young man
*What are some alternatives to gangs

*How can we be better parents
*Understanding your child
*Resources in our family,churches, and community


A light breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Men bring a young male to this FREE event.

For additional information concerning our next Man Up Event email Marcus Meneese at

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