“Stronger than My Father’s mission is to educate, inspire and transform today’s youth and families to fulfill their God-given purpose.”

Marcus Meneese, Founder of Stronger Than My Father

Programs we are
passionate about.

Stronger Than My Father knows how important it is to invest in and enrich each life we touch. We strive to prepare for youth for educational achievement in hopes to build dignity and a sense of responsibility. Ensuring that the safety of the youth we serve is of the utmost importance. Below are some of core programs that help us accomplish our mission.

Our Supporting Partners

A Word from Marcus

Marcus has worked actively as a youth mentor, where he enjoys teaching, coaching and developing young men to become responsible men and eventually good fathers.

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Spreading the word, and calling all the troops

The reason I have created this site is to build an army of mentors to help engage youth in our community who are without a key “father-figure” in their life. This is about addressing root causes that have long-term implications. A mentor plays many roles; teacher, counselor, friend, team mate, and the list continues. Reaching these young people early is critical to establishing integrity and upstanding moral beliefs that will last them a life time. So, here we are. I can’t do this alone. You can have a positive impact, I promise you that. And you will get back 10 fold what you put in, I promise you that. Not only is this about building better individuals, this is about affecting a community of change, and breaking the cycle.